RiderX 2009 Master Plan

For 2007, my cycling was very unplanned, but I think I’m going to try to be a bit more structured this year.  Here are my plans:


RAMROD, July 30th
154 miles, 10K elevation

The problem with RAMROD is that you need to join the lottery to try to get in, so you need to sign up for it even if you aren’t sure that you want to do it. I have a long-term goal to do this – not the 3/4 RAMROD that I did in 2007, and perhaps the stars will align here, and I’ll get in and be healthy.

STP 1-day, July 11th
206 miles, 2K elevation?

I want to do this again because I don’t want my only STP memory to be the horrible time I had in 2006, but it’s really kind of a sucky ride. Too many inexperienced people, too crowded, not very pretty, and a very long day. If I get into RAMROD, I’ll skip this…

Livestrong Challenge Seattle, June 21th

I’m going to ride this as part of Team Fatty, to raise funds for cancer research. The distance I ride will depend on how I feel and what route they choose.

Chelan Man Olympic Triathlon, July 18th
1500 meter swim/40K bike/10K run

I enjoyed the spring triathlons, but they short efforts that they require really don’t fit in well with the longer-distance cycling training that I do. My training sets me up for 4-5 hour events, not 1 hour events. This event should be closer to that length, but still be short enough that I don’t have to spend too much time training (I’m hoping that playing soccer now and then will be sufficient for the 10k run, so I’ll mostly have to do the swim part


Other possible rides:

  • 7/11/14 hills of Kirkland
  • Summits of Bothel
  • Mountain populaire
  • Something else.

So, what do you think ?