Monthly Archives: September 2010

Kim and Eric make a deck

We have a deck on the north side of our house, outside of our kitchen and dining room.

It’s not a terribly good place for a deck, since the north side doesn’t get much sun. And the deck was made with non-pressure-treated wood, and had deteriorated so that it was not longer certain that it would complete the primary function of a deck – to hold you up. If we had been doing a simple deck, replacement would have been relatively simple, but we decided that we wanted a covered deck (otherwise known as a “porch”), and, to make it more complicated, we wanted the roof to be clear so the kitchen and dining room would still get natural light.

Which led to a long and complicated design process and then a fairly involved permit application process, but that finally resolved a few weeks ago. I’ll start writing more when I get the pictures imported, but I thought I’d start with the design.

the base is like a normal deck, though it will have tile instead of deck boards. The railing will be a wall instead of an open railing. All of the upper structure will be stained wood. It will be very pretty.