RAMROD Report 2010

Let’s start with a summary:


Time: 3.5 hours
Steps: 11385
Elevation gain: 5’ 8”
Calories burned: 3557
Tickets: 2
Pursuits: 1
Sleep: 4 hours
Food: 528 calories


I have a snazzy new Garmin 705 GPS enabled cycle computer. Here’s the map:


It’s generally a bad (where “bad” = “lying on the ground wishing you hadn’t done something so stupid”) idea to use gear that you haven’t tested on the day of a ride, but this time I decided to make an exception. It’s pretty dark that early in the morning, so having some extra light and visibility is a good idea. Here’s what I chose:


I felt pretty good in the morning, though (unsurprisingly) I got a little tired as the day wore on. I’m definitely looking forward to RAMROD 2011, assuming my back and shoulder are better by then.

So, what do you think ?