New additions

There are two new additions to the Gunnerson household.

It is a bit sad as your friends get old, but eventually you reach the point where they are old and tired and it’s just better to replace them.

So, this weekend we completed an adoption, and we hope the new member should be friends with the other members. It’s pretty large for a pet at 3330 pounds, but it’s more stout than fat, though it’s a bit down on power compared to it’s sportier brother.

Five cars is too much for three drivers.

Anybody interested in a 1996 Subaru Outback? One owner, comes with snow tires and wheels.


We also have a second addition.

When you’re buying used, you sometimes have to settle a bit, and in this case we weren’t able to find one with the “full tail” option, but we did manage to find the all-important 4-paw-drive.


Her name is Cleo.

So, what do you think ?