My upcoming stage…

I’m getting up at O-god-30 on Thursday morning to go ride RAMROD. This is one of the hardest single-day rides (as opposed to “races”) in Washington state – with 143 miles and about 11K in climbing.

It has one 15 mile climb of about 3000 feet (perhaps 11 miles at 8% or so), and two 2000 foot climbs.

It being the tour time, and all, I wondered how this ride stacked up against the typical Tour stages.

The answer? Well the big climb rates a cat 2, and the shorter ones are cat 3. That makes the ride a…

Medium Mountain Stage

You know, one of those stages that has a few small climbs in it but nothing very hard?

So, I guess I shouldn’t be worried about it, right?


So, what do you think ?