Draft: Compound miter saw table…

I have a decent DeWalt compound meter saw next to my garage; it lives next to my table saw on a stand like this:

Image result for dewalt dwx723

The stand is nice a rigid and easy to take places, which is nice. It does have a few issues:

  • The legs stick out towards the car that is parked next to it, taking up space.
  • There’s no good place to stack stock; it will fall off of the rail.
  • The lack of support between the saw table and the extensions is annoying.
  • The table is about 1” higher than my table saw, which means you have to move the saw table to do even a small cut on the table saw.
  • It lives right where a small outfeed table would be nice.

I’ve been playing with some ideas on how I might build something in my second shaper origin project, and here’s what I have so far.


It’s drawn to use 18mm baltic birch plywood. The drawing is pretty rough; no connection tabs, no holes, just a bunch of rectangular solids so far.

So, what do you think ?