Custom car set heater controller: Part 2- wiring investigation

Today I spent some time looking at the wiring state of the Outback. First, I pulled out the rear console, and took a look a the connector there (R43). It has 22 pins, but many of them are not populated. The ones that are populated are:

Pin Description
6 +12V to accessory socket
12 +12V for general illumination
13 Ground for GI
14 Audio
17 Gnd to accessory socket
18 Audio
19 Audio
20 Audio
21 Audio

So… It looks like we have the illumination circuit and a decent ground (the ground for the seats and the accessory socket is shared), but we don’t have the +12V we need for the heater. A bit disappointing, but not unexpected.

I pull the fuse box cover off, and find that fuse 17 (the seat heater fuse) *is* present. I pull the lower console cover off – more than a little pain in the butt – and find out a few more things. First, the relay for the heated seats is not present. However, the location that it sits on the relay board is wired with 4 connections. So… my current theory is that if I have a fuse, I will be complete up to connector B97 (which is somewhere near the fuse box), but then I’ll have to tap into a wire there and run it the power from that.

I also still need to figure out how the dimming system works. Since 12V is supplied to the lights, I’m presuming that the dimmer supplies a voltage somewhat higher than ground, and that’s how the dimming works. Could be wrong, however.

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