2007 Summary

Last year I did a quick summary.

And here’s this year’s data:


2090 miles

Elevation Gain:

105,446 ft

Average Speed:

14.7 mph




143 hours

Heart Beats:

969109 beats

That’s about 500 miles shorter than what I rode last year, but given that I haven’t ridden much in the past 8 weeks, that’s not surprising. This doesn’t contain any time on the trainer or the rain bike as I’m too lazy to track anything that doesn’t show up automatically on my polar HRM.

It’s interesting to note that did nearly the identical amount of climbing as last year despite having ridden about 20% fewer miles. I guess that means I rode a lot more hills (and RAMROD had something to do with it).

My plans for next year:

  • Work on my core strength. I backed off on that mid-july and my back has been bothering me.
  • Play some soccer. I like cycling, but I need something that’s weight bearing and team based.
  • Try to get into RAMDOD again
  • Think about doing STP one-day, so I don’t have to remember it as a sucky sucky day
  • Lead a few rides for cascade – I want to do an organized ride up Stevens Pass, and Zoo Hill.

So, what do you think ?