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WS2811 expander part 3: PCB Revisions again…

More revisions. I posted the design to /r/PrintedCircuitBoard, and of the comments said: “Do you need pullups on the outputs of WS2811?” And of course, I was confident the answer was “no”. For about 5 seconds. And then I measured the WS2811 I have in my breadboard; it gave a nice solid sink when it […]

WS2811 expander part 2: PCB Revisions

I’ve done quite a few improvements on the board. Let’s look at before and after: My usual flow is to do some changes, and then load the board into OSHPark and see how it previews. And then make changes. I’ve probably redone the majority of the traces on the board. The big changes are: I […]

WS2811 expander

I’m starting a new decorations project that will involve a fair number of standard LEDs, but not addressable ones. I have a few different use scenarios: Plug into a standard USB power supply. Power directly with 120 VAC. Power either with 5V or 12V and have an easily way to control brightness… The first two […]

New kit: LED Candy Cane part 1

My first kit – the Dodecahedral Light Engine – has been selling about as well as I expected a very hard to construct project with limited usages to sell, which is not very well. I primarily did it because I was going to do them anyway for my decoration project and wanted a project I […]