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7 Hills of Kirkland Metric Century 2019

Normally, I start a ride report with a description of the ride, how much I like it, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. In this case, I’ve done 7 hills so often that it hardly seems worth the effort. If you want that information, there are plenty of examples here… I *will* note that this is the 12th […]

7 Hills 2014

The forecast did not look good. In fact, it looked pretty bad. It was Sunday of Memorial day weekend, and I was forecast-shopping. That’s what I do when I want to ride and the weather is marginal; I look at the different weather forecasts (Accuweather, wunderground,, national weather service) to see if I can […]

7 Hills of Kirkland Century 2013 (rain shortened)

There are no organized rides that I have done as often as the 7 Hills of Kirkland. I started doing it in the early years, when there were only 7 hills, in the middle years, when 4 additional hills were found, and more recently, when a final 3 hills were located, giving a 40 mile […]

7 Hills 2008

The 7 Hills of Kirkland marks the unofficial real start of the riding season for me. It takes me over hills that are close to my house that I’ve ridden a lot, and has a decent potential for pain. Last year I did the Metric Century (58 miles (yes, I know…)) and felt pretty strong, […]

7 (11) Hills of Kirkland 2018

Before or after you read this, I recommend watching the Relive video of the ride. Hell, you should probably do that instead of reading this… I have done 7 hills more than any other organized ride. Way more than any other ride; I think I have ridden nearly every year since 2005. As I got […]

7 (or so) Hills of Kirkland 2009

On memorial day, for the nth year in a row (where n > 4 or so) I spend a morning riding the annual 7 Hills of Kirkland ride. Except that it, was 7 hills, it was 11 hills, the metric century version. Except it isn’t quite a metric century, being 4 miles or so short […]

Sven Hills of Kirkland 2020

As I have noted a time or two, 7 hills is probably my favorite ride; it meets my requirements in terms of hilliness, it has great staff, and – being local – I don’t have to travel or get up at an ungodly hour to do it. I first rode it in 2005, and have […]

Bicycle Adventures Gulf Islands Tour–August 2017

This tour starts in Victoria, but first we had to get from our house to Victoria. Transportation from Seattle to Victoria on the Clipper was included, but the 7:30 AM departure meant we had a 6:30 AM arrival time and an even earlier meeting time. Since Bicycle Adventure is headquartered a couple of miles from […]

Hills of the Eastside – Kingsgate & South Bothell

Composed mostly of neighborhoods, this is a nice area to ride in, though there are a few streets that get a fair bit of traffic. There are a few classic climbs here. The first two climbs answer the question “How do I get from the Sammamish valley up to Kingsgate?” The first one (A) doesn’t […]

Hills of the Eastside – This hill we call “The Zoo”

View all Hills of the Eastside posts…   We eat the night, we drink the time Make our dreams come true And hungry eyes are passing by On streets we call the zoo When we first start cycling, we avoid hills and ride only on the flats. Then, we have to do a few hills. […]